Our Production

quality management, որակի վերահսկում, контроль качества

Quality Management

High quality of our products are strictly controlled by the quality department and this is the most important strategy of our company.
All our productions are provided with the latest laboratory equipment, necessary for checking all the materials used in the production and the whole process of production from A to Z.

2 central labs are realizing the final checking of all the 7 controlling laboratories.


Based on ISO 9001 International Standard, we have implemented our Quality Management System with a strategic goal to supply steadily with the products that meet the prescribed (including legal and normative) requirements and to continuously improve our customers’ satisfaction level. 

To achieve these goals, the Quality Management System needs an ongoing refinement based on:

  • analysis of the external and internal context, of the interested parties demands and of the enhancement options,
  • customer focus,
  • internal processes performance upgrade,
  • investments aimed to modernization of infrastructures,
  • consistent improvement of the employee’s competency,
  • risk management.

Adopting these values enables us to sustain the highest quality of the products and to ensure our successive growth and development.