Grand Tobacco

Grand Tobacco

Founded in 1997 by Hrant Vardanyan, Grand Tobacco, has a lengthy history that dates back to 1924. During this time, its ancestor, «ARMTABAKPROM», was founded in Soviet Armenia. Ever since, Armenian cigarettes have established a strong reputation and are valued amongst smokers of all the former CIS countries. Today, Grand Tobacco proudly maintains its reputation as the well-deserved heir to the former «ARMTABAKPROM».

With the latest machinery and highest quality materials, our factories produce a wide range of highly reputed brands. Moreover, having a diverse filter variety, as well as more than 20 types of tobacco blends, GT successfully satisfies the most demanding consumers.

The high quality of our products is strictly controlled, maintained and continuously improved by the quality department. Quality control serves as one of the most important strategies of our company.

We continuously invest in developing new products, using the latest technologies while maintaining old traditions, trying to make the cigarettes less harmful for our smokers . For that reason, we produce cigarettes with very low nicotine and tar, using different combined filters with activated ashes, recess filters, and many other unique combinations.

During the past 15 years, the export quantity of our production has been growing consistently and several brands are gaining more popularity amongst foreign smokers.