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Ախթամար, Akhtamar, Ахтамар
Akhtamar Original


հայկական ծխախոտի տեսակներ
Akhtamar Original

King Size Octagonal

армянский табак сигареты
Akhtamar Classic

King Size

Akhtamar Classic

Slim Size

дорогие армянские сигареты
Akhtamar Black Flame

Exclusive Size

армянские сигареты дешево
Akhtamar Original

Octogonal 100s

дорогие армянские сигареты

Grand Collection

armenian cigarettes
Akhtamar Gold

Fresh Pack

armenian cigarettes brands
Akhtamar Black Flame


армянские сигареты купить
New Black 120

Soft 120s

best armenian cigarettes
Noy Extra

Soft Pack

сигареты в армении
Ararat Filter Pro

Compact Size

сигареты армянские

Frost Premium Blend

Akhtamar Original

Akhtamar Original has an established position as a leading brand with a reputation for high quality, pleasant taste and tobacco aroma. This brand is well known in all former CIS countries as its history starts since 1970.

Ararat Exclusive

Ararat Exclusive is providing the smokers high quality smoking moments, with a combination of smooth, yet full-bodied flavor and is one of the most popular cigarette among the smokers in our portfolio.

Garni Premium Blue

Garni Premium Blue became recognized among the smokers from the very start-up of our company, and has an established position as a leading brand until today. It is number 1 selling cigarette in Armenia and a reliable quality product with affordable price.

Vip Blue

Harmonious taste and attracting aroma will stand out VIP from other cigarettes. A premium, full bodied brand is considered to be the pride in our portfolio.

Black Tip

A premium quality product with a uniquely designed filter.
The distinctive taste and smooth aromatic smoke is making the cigarette an ideal choice for the discerning smoker.

Masis Blue Line

Elegantly crafted cigarettes , mild, more aromatic and less harsh, has a distinguished position as a leading brand with a reputation for quality and shape.

MT One Super Slims

The fame is excellence , because this cigarette is of prime quality and possess the pleasant taste and tobacco aroma.

Red Line Extra White

Cigarettes with a unique blend of delicately selected tobacco leaves, characterized by pleasant taste and sensation.

Noy Extra

Soft pack, 100mm cigarettes are rich and smooth.
These cigarettes are known for their exceptional quality of tobacco and distinctive flavor.

The One Slims Nero

Premium, full bodied brand, that offer a perfect balance of taste and aroma. With rich, natural tobacco flavor , these cigarettes provides very pleasant sensation.