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Cigar Production

IMT started cigar production in 2010.
Harvested tobacco leaves from Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Mexico are first sorted according to colour, strength, texture size and resiliency. The leaves are then separated into groups designated as filler, binder and wrapper tobacco.
Today the company offers high-quality, long-filler cigars of various shapes.

We offer cigars of different sizes, prices and tastes, rolled by hand as quality cigars are still handmade. Our cigars are of various shapes and in 5-ring gauges 40, 42, 43, 50 and 52 you can buy them in our specialized shop “Smoking”, in the centre of Yerevan. Cigars are offered in bundles, in carton packs, of 1 pcs. and 5 pcs., aged in cognac and in wooden boxes of 25 pcs.

սիգար, сигары, armenian cigar

Cigar production is art with a long history. In our days its production became a combination of tradition and innovation. Here are some interesting traditions about cigars.

Cigar “Marrying” process.

Cigars have the ability to absorb different flavors, thus they are not only likely to be stored in wooden humidors, but also not to be stored in the same humodor. But some aficionados place different kinds of cigars in the same humidors on purpose, so their flavors can blend and harmonize. This process is called “Cigar Marrying”. 

The long ash superstition

There is a belief among cigar aficionados, that cigar ash remaining intact for a long while is a sign of good luck. Sometimes smokers even compete to see who will keep the ash the longest.

Cigar smoking rituals

Many cigar smokers have their own smoking rituals. Some have their own specially designed cigar-smoking chairs, others have their special lighters or edge cutters. Winston Churchill used to have cigar-smoking “breakfasts” right in his bed while reading a newspaper.

Cigar toasting

During celebration events many cigar aficionados raise lit cigars and clink them together, similar to a toast with glasses.

Secret cigar society

In the 1800's there was a secret society called "Ancient Order of United Workmen", who used secret messages on cigar bands for coding information and making secret plans