Our Production

Cigarette production

4 primaries and 4 secondary productions are producing cut rug tobacco and cigarettes in GT and IMT.
90 types of cigarettes in the local market and more than 200 variants for export constitute our portfolio. All this was established during 25 years of hard work.

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We never stand still and we are always innovating and experimenting, striving for excellence in whatever we do.
The best grade tobaccos are purchased from all the continents, under strict control of our specialists. Our master blenders work very hard to select the right tobacco blend for each cigarette, and do their best to keep the sustainability of the chosen grades.

Our achievements are possible due to highly innovative machinery and best quality materials. The improved equipment efficiency is delivering real benefits through improved productivity and lower maintenance costs, together with reduced waste.
Our production is waste-free, as we recycle all the unnecessary leftovers, thus taking care of our environment.

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We use a wide range of analytical techniques , specialized laboratory, technologies and expertise to test our products, to ensure high standards of consumer safety and product quality.

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